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By using our site, you agree to the following terms and conditions: has tens of thousands of satisfied customers. We have been serving customers on the internet since 2001 and in a brick and mortar setting since 1985. Most of the time, customers do read and understand what they need to do in able to save 50%-80% off of the dealer prices for keys, remotes and ignition switches and everything goes really well. Sometimes folks do not take the time to properly read the catalog page and this can cause problems if you do not understand what you are purchasing. In order to fully understand what you are purchasing, please read the entire catalog page that describes your item and shows a picture of your item. We believe that our catalog page should answer all of your questions about the item. We do not price our items to include the costs of returns.

In order to maintain quality for all customers we are unable to accept returns, or provide refunds, on electronic chip keys, ignition switch lock cylinders or remotes. We do not provide refunds even if you return the merchandise to us. We do not accept returns for improperly ordered parts. We can not make any adjustments or accept returns on any key that has been cut. A cut key is no good to us and a mis-cut key it is no good to you, so please cut your key carefully. This is the exact same policy that the new car dealers have on this same merchandise.

We have had situations where people claim the part is faulty and want to return it for a refund without getting a replacement. This cannot be done. We will be happy to replace the part with a replacement part as long as it is under warranty. We simply do not want folks purchasing products to see if they will work on their car and then returning them because they did not really need them. Thanks for understanding that we can't stay in business long when this happens.

For a period of 90 days from the day of shipment, we do guarantee our item will work to factory specifications for the year and model indicated or we will replace it with an item that will work for the year and model indicated provided our warranty sticker or packing has not been opened or tampered with. If you tamper with our product, or open sealed packing, then the warranty is void and our exchange policy no longer applies. This is the exact same policy that the car dealers have for these same items.


We have included a picture with all items. Please compare your existing item to our picture. It should be the same size and shape unless our listing says otherwise. Occasionally manufacturers will upgrade their designs and the item you receive may look slightly different than the picture shown. While we do try to avoid this, it does happen. In any event the item we send to you is guaranteed to work for the year, make and model listed if your original looks like our picture. If you aren't quite sure, please feel free to give us a call at 954-905-7903 or send an e-mail to: and we will respond to you.

Our written catalog pages do list the requirements necessary for programming and installation to your vehicle. Please realize that our employees are not authorized to change or deviate from the written catalog descriptions. However if you do find an error, please do let us know before you order and we will do our best to research the matter and make any corrections necessary.

Is this stuff new or used?

All keys (without remotes attached) on our website are NEW and most products are supplied by the original OEM manufacturers.

Most of the remotes we sell are high quality OEM ORIGINAL refurbished to work like new. All remotes come with batteries included (Except those items shipped to APO and FPO type addresses) and you will not need to replace the batteries when we send the item to you until you have used the item for several months. The life of batteries does vary in remotes from 6 months to many years with 2-3 years being the average. Smart Keys batteries last about 6 months. remotes (and batteries) are tested twice prior to shipment to you.

We sell a limited number of aftermarket remotes for vehicles over 10 model years old when the originals are no longer available. Many of the older original remotes have been discontinued by the manufacturer and the refurbished stock is getting thin so we have been forced to turn to the aftermarket for some remotes for some of the older vehicles made in the 90's. The listing will tell you if we are sending an aftermarket remote.

We are able to obtain some new Ford and GM OEM remotes again after several years of being blocked by the manufacturers. We do not sell any knock off remotes on the website. All remotes we sell here are OEM original. Most are refurbished to work like new. Some are new. We do sell some aftermarket keys (not remotes) when the originals are not available. You can be assured that we sell the absolute best key available for your vehicle. Keep in mind that car manufacturers are not required to furnish parts (like keys, ignition switches and remotes) for vehicles over 10 model years old and the dealers usually will not have parts for vehicles over 10 years old available.

All ignition switch cylinder locks at are new. We do not sell used ignition switch cylinder locks because our experience has shown that they just will not hold up. We prefer to match up your new ignition switch to your old key if at all possible. Please do furnish your key code and vin number when ordering ignition switches.

If your year and model is not listed on the website, but other years are listed for your same model, that is an indication that there might be something special about your vehicle. We can probably help you, but you will need to call us. There are some years that are have several possible keys for the same vehicle and we will need to determine what key you do have.

All programming instructions are provided as a courtesy and without warranty. That means if you can't self program your vehicle then you will need to take your vehicle to the dealer, or to a locksmith with the proper programming equipment, to have the item programmed at your expense. Some vehicles will not accept self programming and you will need to take the item to the dealer or a locksmith for programming. Sometimes your vehicle is not working properly and will need to be serviced before the merchandise furnished by will properly function in your vehicle.

We will sometimes refer you to a third party, in your area, that may be able to program or install the merchandise you purchase from us. You understand these referrals are without warranty or liability and are not part of and we derive no revenue from any third party such as a dealer, hardware store or locksmith. We use industry source materials for referral services. If we refer you to a third party for installation, it does not mean that third party is able or qualified to service your vehicle. Please do your homework and make sure the company has the proper equipment and knowledge to work on your vehicle as we expressly disclaim any liability for any third party actions. does not cover any expense or costs for any third party service no matter what reason you might incur that expense. Keep in mind that programming from a third party is never free and often exceeds the cost of the merchandise that we sell to you. We do not make any refunds or adjustments if you are not able to self program an item. can not be responsible for programming costs or any additional fees you might incur from third parties for the cutting, installation, adjustment, fitting, matching or programming of any item purchased from us.

We do not send items out "on approval". All sales are final. We do not offer or provide refunds under any circumstances. We do not offer exchanges except to replace a defective item for the same part. If your order is canceled, refused or returned for any reason, we do charge a $35 administrative fee, in addition to the shipping charges, to cover the extra costs we incur in handling such orders.
If you received a free shipping promotion then we will charge $9.50 to you because the post office will not refund shipping charges on items that have been received by you.

If your payment does not clear for any reason or is returned, or charged back, to us, you agree to pay a returned payment fee of $39 in addition to any other charges that may be due. You also agree to pay reasonable collection costs of 15% of the amounts due if we have to engage third parties to collect any amounts due Any collection activity may be reported to the credit bureau if not paid within 30 days of demand for payment.

Our automated ordering system will ship to the address that you enter on your order. If the address that you entered turns out to be incorrect or undeliverable and your merchandise is returned to us, you will be required to provide your correct address and pay for shipping again before the merchandise is shipped back out to you.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions on this page, please do not use the website. By placing an order with us via the internet or via phone you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein. Our employees are not authorized to change any of the terms and conditions unless the changes are in writing and signed by by both an authorized supervisor of and the customer.

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